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Building Inspiring Spaces

The development process begins with detailed research and site feasibility analysis. Once an ideal site is acquired, JK Infra Experts liaise with council and government bodies, residents and members of the community to make sure we produce the most suitable development for the surroundings. From here we carefully craft marketing materials in preparation for sales day.

JK Infra Expert’s aim is to work hand-in-hand with the local council and external consultants to maximise the product being brought to market.


JK Infra Expert’s collaborative approach to Design-Build brings the design firm and the subcontractors together in a focused, team-oriented relationship offering Owners a single source of contact and responsibility. JK Infra has consistently demonstrated its successful Design-Build capabilities and approach as a delivery system in both the industrial and commercial sectors in private and public industries.

We specialize in new construction, interior remodels, exterior remodels and building maintenance for retail, offices, financial institutions, healthcare facilities, educational facilities, government properties, warehouses and shipping facilities. Examples of work completed at these facilities include creating innovative offices, repairing airplane hangers, installing modular buildings, creating public greenways and parks, upgrading interior and exterior for ADA compliance, and erecting metal building/canopies


Saving You Time and Money
We can fast track your project and offer cost-saving solutions to meet your budget goals. We encourage creating an eco-friendly and high performance building to save you money on building expenses for years to come.

Tomorrow’s Homes Today

Are you planning on building your own home but don’t know where to start or who to go to? Are you looking for top-level construction companies? Book JK Infra Experts and get rid of all those questions and fears! JK Infra Experts understands that it is a big decision when it comes to construction and a long tedious process. To solve this, the service provider offers top grade construction services with transparency maintained at every level of the project. You only have a single point of contact that is your relationship manager which helps you avoid the hassle of contacting multiple people for different issues and ensure a complete highest quality and hassle-free experience. Whether it’s for house construction, residential or commercial construction, with their qualified expertise Jk Infra Experts can do the job for you.


From conception to completion, JK Infra Experts is your go-to contractor for new home construction. Whether constructing a large custom home or a more conservative patio home, we can provide the time effective and professional building services you deserve. With hundreds of building projects under our belts and a commitment to keeping up with industry advancements, we have the skills, ideas and knowledge required to construct any type of new home – modern, bungalow, ranch, colonial, town home, multi-story, semi-detached, etc


From the first hand shake to the day we hand you the keys to your newly completed home,JK Infra Experts will be in complete communication with you. You are not just a lot number to us, we will know your name and you will know ours. We will guide you through every phase and walk you through each and every step needed. If ever you have a question, we have an answer and we are here to offer any suggestions when needed.

Complete Renovation Services

Renovation of an existing home, luxury villa, apartment, office, hotel, restaurant, resort, hospital, clinic, kitchen or bathroom is indeed a big decision and the resident or owner needs to think on lot of factors into account. Price is a big factor for every customer and people look for quality raw materials to be used at reasonable price.

The first approach towards renovation is to make the best use of existing space and material to bring a desired result. An overwhelming tradeoff between quality, budget and of course size. At times, some customers might be looking for a customized makeover of the kitchen or a living room instead of complete renovation of a house or an apartment. There are commercial spaces such as Hospitals, Hotels, Resorts and Clinics who are also looking for a professional makeover for their workspace. Among many existing construction companies, JK Infra Experts offers an admirable edge by providing turnkey project to its customers. Our specialist team is always in the forefront to give the best of renovation and construction to your doorstep.


JK Infra Experts understands the tailor made requirements of each customer at a meticulous level and caters to their respective requirements at affordable price. Blueprint planning, raw material estimates, interior design advisory and Suggestions.

Cost effective estimations are given by JK Infra Experts team based on the inputs taken from the customers and everything works at the feedback level. This ensures that the gap between customer and the skilled force is lesser and also optimum results. Right from personalized renovation services such as home and apartments to commercial demands of a hotel or a resort- JK Infra Experts has it all.


As with our custom new construction, our proven process is applied to our smaller scale additions, renovations and home improvement projects.  We offer the same quality, attention to detail and customer service whether our clients are renovating a bathroom, installing a new kitchen or adding a two story addition to an existing home.  Our process is scalable and our service is consistent.

Building Commercial Success

Warehouses, plants, shopping malls, and supermarkets all have one thing in common: To meet investors’ and developers’ requirements, design teams have to design the building in a way that allows contractors to apply fast and efficient construction techniques in order to ensure the project’s profitability. Industrial and commercial buildings must also withstand heavy usage and workloads to maintain the continuity of business operations. With JK Infra Experts, you can trust our cement, aggregate, and concrete solutions to boost your job sites and guarantee the durability of your building while giving it an aesthetic touch.


We undertake various building projects such as general building, office refurbishment and conversion projects.

Projects undertaken include works for a broad range of clients including government, commercial and charitable organisations across a wide range of business sectors.

We thrive on the challenges presented by deadlines, complicated structural alterations, heavily occupied buildings, – all appeal to our strong can-do attitude of our staff.


An experienced representative will lend their expertise in an initial briefing to find a solution that fits your requirements including timescale and budget. We will understand the way your business functions together with your desired look and we propose complimentary colors, creating interiors that will help stimulate and enhance productivity in the work environment.

A Tradesman For Any Size Job

Don’t fall for a shingle shakedown! Not all local handyman services have your best interests in mind.  Instead of repairing damaged roofing or siding, they recommend a full replacement, which doesn’t always make financial sense. At JK Infra Experts, we believe in treating people fairly and making sure you know your options, including affordable ways to extend the life of your roofing and siding.


We specialize in turning your honey-do’s into honey-done’s! whether it’s sprucing up your home for the holidays, finishing a construction project, or even managing your seasonal home maintenance list, call us anytime and we’ll help conquer your list! At JK Infra Experts, we don’t just provide home repair services, we create lasting relationships with area homeowners and bring trust back into the home improvement process.


Our mission is to provide a complete handyman service that helps you maintain the value, beauty and quality of your home or business. We take pride in being able to get all your needs accomplished with one call! Simply call JK Infra Experts service representative and we’ll promptly get started helping you!

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